Words from Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650.

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MP3 of Psalm 92 v12-15 sung to Orlington

Information on this recording

Length2:45 (minutes:seconds)
PublisherHighland Harmony Singers
Publisher's productDornoch Festival of Psalms 2002
Singing Typechoir (tutored)

Psalm words

12   But like the palm-tree flourishing
       shall be the righteous one;
     He shall like to the cedar grow
       that is in Lebanon.
13   Those that within the house of God
       are planted by his grace,
     They shall grow up, and flourish all
       in our God's holy place.

14   And in old age, when others fade,
       they fruit still forth shall bring;
     They shall be fat, and full of sap,
       and aye be flourishing;
15   To shew that upright is the Lord:
       he is a rock to me;
     And he from all unrighteousness
       is altogether free.