Words from Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650.

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MP3 of Psalm 86 v8-13 sung to Moravia

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Length3:48 (minutes:seconds)
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Singing Typecongregation (untrained)

Psalm words

8    Lord, there is none among the gods
       that may with thee compare;
     And like the works which thou hast done,
       not any work is there.
9    All nations whom thou mad'st shall come
       and worship rev'rently
     Before thy face; and they, O Lord,
       thy name shall glorify.

10   Because thou art exceeding great,
       and works by thee are done
     Which are to be admir'd; and thou
       art God thyself alone.
11   Teach me thy way, and in thy truth,
       O Lord, then walk will I;
     Unite my heart, that I thy name
       may fear continually.

12   O Lord my God, with all my heart
       to thee I will give praise;
     And I the glory will ascribe
       unto thy name always:
13   Because thy mercy toward me
       in greatness doth excel;
     And thou deliver'd hast my soul
       out from the lowest hell.