Words from Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650.

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MP3 of Psalm 85 v6-13 sung to Naomi

Information on this recording

Length2:27 (minutes:seconds)
PublisherHighland Harmony Singers
Publisher's productDornoch Festival of Psalms 2002
Singing Typechoir (tutored)

Psalm words

6    That in thee may thy people joy,
       wilt thou not us revive?
7    Shew us thy mercy, Lord, to us
       do thy salvation give.
8    I'll hear what God the Lord will speak:
       to his folk he'll speak peace,
     And to his saints; but let them not
       return to foolishness.

9    To them that fear him surely near
       is his salvation;
     That glory in our land may have
       her habitation.
10   Truth met with mercy, righteousness
       and peace kiss'd mutually:
11   Truth springs from earth, and righteousness
       looks down from heaven high.

12   Yea, what is good the Lord shall give;
       our land shall yield increase:
13   Justice, to set us in his steps,
       shall go before his face.