Words from Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650.

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MP3 of Psalm 45 2nd version v10-13 sung to Malan

Information on this recording

Length1:39 (minutes:seconds)
PublisherHighland Harmony Singers
Publisher's productFestival of Psalmody
Singing Typechoir (tutored)

Psalm words

10   O daughter, take good heed,
       incline, and give good ear;
     Thou must forget thy kindred all,
       and father's house most dear.
11   Thy beauty to the King
       shall then delightful be:
     And do thou humbly worship him,
       because thy Lord is he.

12   The daughter then of Tyre
       there with a gift shall be,
     And all the wealthy of the land
       shall make their suit to thee.
13   The daughter of the King
       all glorious is within;
     And with embroideries of gold
       her garments wrought have been.