Words from Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650.

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MP3 of Psalm 31 v19-24 sung to St. Lawrence

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Length3:35 (minutes:seconds)
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Singing Typecongregation (untrained)

Psalm words

19   How great's the goodness thou for them
       that fear thee keep'st in store,
     And wrought'st for them that trust in thee
       the sons of men before!
20   In secret of thy presence thou
       shalt hide them from man's pride:
     From strife of tongues thou closely shalt,
       as in a tent, them hide.

21   All praise and thanks be to the Lord;
       for he hath magnify'd
     His wondrous love to me within
       a city fortify'd.
22   For from thine eyes cut off I am,
       I in my haste had said;
     My voice yet heard'st thou, when to thee
       with cries my moan I made.

23   O love the Lord, all ye his saints;
       because the Lord doth guard
     The faithful, and he plenteously
       proud doers doth reward.
24   Be of good courage, and he strength
       unto your heart shall send,
     All ye whose hope and confidence
       doth on the Lord depend.