Words from Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650.

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MP3 of Psalm 18 v1-6 sung to Bishopthorpe

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Length3:34 (minutes:seconds)
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Singing Typecongregation (untrained)

Psalm words

1    Thee will I love, O Lord, my strength.
2      My fortress is the Lord,
     My rock, and he that doth to me
       deliverance afford:
     My God, my strength, whom I will trust,
       a buckler unto me,
     The horn of my salvation,
       and my high tow'r, is he.

3    Upon the Lord, who worthy is
       of praises, will I cry;
     And then shall I preserved be
       safe from mine enemy.
4    Floods of ill men affrighted me,
       death's pangs about me went;
5    Hell's sorrows me environed;
       death's snares did me prevent.

6    In my distress I call'd on God,
       cry to my God did I;
     He from his temple heard my voice,
       to his ears came my cry.