Words from Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650.

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MP3 of Psalm 143 2nd version v6-8 sung to Heber

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Length2:33 (minutes:seconds)
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Singing Typecongregation (untrained)

Psalm words

6    Lo, I do stretch my hands
     To thee, my help alone;
     For thou well understands
     All my complaint and moan:
     My thirsting soul desires,
     And longeth after thee,
     As thirsty ground requires
     With rain refresh'd to be.

7    Lord, let my pray'r prevail,
     To answer it make speed;
     For, lo, my sp'rit doth fail:
     Hide not thy face in need;
     Lest I be like to those
     That do in darkness sit,
     Or him that downward goes
     Into the dreadful pit.

8    Because I trust in thee,
     O Lord, cause me to hear
     Thy loving-kindness free,
     When morning doth appear:
     Cause me to know the way
     Wherein my path should be;
     For why, my soul on high
     I do lift up to thee.