Words from Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650.

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MP3 of Psalm 102 2nd version v23-28 sung to Hereford

Information on this recording

Length2:27 (minutes:seconds)
PublisherHighland Harmony Singers
Publisher's productDornoch Festival of Psalms 2002
Singing Typechoir (tutored)

Psalm words

23   My strength he weaken'd in the way,
     My days of life he shortened.
24   My God, O take me not away
     In mid-time of my days, I said:
     Thy years throughout all ages last.
25   Of old thou hast established
     The earth's foundation firm and fast:
     Thy mighty hands the heav'ns have made.

26   They perish shall, as garments do,
     But thou shalt evermore endure;
     As vestures, thou shalt change them so;
     And they shall all be changed sure:
27   But from all changes thou art free;
     Thy endless years do last for aye.
28   Thy servants, and their seed who be,
     Establish'd shall before thee stay.