Psalm 76

From Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650

Meter: 8,6,8,6

1    In Judah's land God is well known,
       his name's in Isr'el great:
2    In Salem is his tabernacle,
       in Sion is his seat.
3    There arrows of the bow he brake,
       the shield, the sword, the war.
4    More glorious thou than hills of prey,
       more excellent art far.

5    Those that were stout of heart are spoil'd,
       they slept their sleep outright;
     And none of those their hands did find,
       that were the men of might.
6    When thy rebuke, O Jacob's God,
       had forth against them past,
     Their horses and their chariots both
       were in a dead sleep cast.

7    Thou, Lord, ev'n thou art he that should
       be fear'd; and who is he
     That may stand up before thy sight,
       if once thou angry be?
8    From heav'n thou judgment caus'd be heard;
       the earth was still with fear,
9    When God to judgment rose, to save
       all meek on earth that were.

10   Surely the very wrath of man
       unto thy praise redounds:
     Thou to the remnant of his wrath
       wilt set restraining bounds.
11   Vow to the Lord your God, and pay:
       all ye that near him be,
     Bring gifts and presents unto him;
       for to be fear'd is he.

12   By him the sp'rits shall be cut off
       of those that princes are:
     Unto the kings that are on earth
       he fearful doth appear.

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