Psalm 67 (2nd version)

From Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650

Meter: 8,6,8,6

1    Lord, unto us be merciful,
       do thou us also bless;
     And graciously cause shine on us
       the brightness of thy face:
2    That so thy way upon the earth
       to all men may be known;
     Also among the nations all
       thy saving health be shown.

3    O let the people praise thee, Lord;
       let people all thee praise.
4    O let the nations be glad,
       and sing for joy always:
     For rightly thou shalt people judge,
       and nations rule on earth.
5    Let people praise thee, Lord; let all
       the folk praise thee with mirth.

6    Then shall the earth yield her increase;
       God, our God, bless us shall.
7    God shall us bless; and of the earth
       the ends shall fear him all.

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