Psalm 56

From Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650

Meter: 8,6,8,6

1    Shew mercy, Lord, to me, for man
       would swallow me outright;
     He me oppresseth, while he doth
       against me daily fight.
2    They daily would me swallow up
       that hate me spitefully;
     For they be many that do fight
       against me, O most High.

3    When I'm afraid I'll trust in thee:
4      In God I'll praise his word;
     I will not fear what flesh can do,
       my trust is in the Lord.
5    Each day they wrest my words; their thoughts
       'gainst me are all for ill.
6    They meet, they lurk, they mark my steps,
       waiting my soul to kill.

7    But shall they by iniquity
       escape thy judgments so?
     O God, with indignation down
       do thou the people throw.
8    My wand'rings all what they have been
       thou know'st, their number took;
     Into thy bottle put my tears:
       are they not in thy book?

9    My foes shall, when I cry, turn back;
       I know't, God is for me.
10   In God his word I'll praise; his word
       in God shall praised be.
11   In God I trust; I will not fear
       what man can do to me.
12   Thy vows upon me are, O God:
       I'll render praise to thee.

13   Wilt thou not, who from death me sav'd,
       my feet from falls keep free,
     To walk before God in the light
       of those that living be?

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