Psalm 53

From Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650

Meter: 8,6,8,6

1    That there is not a God, the fool
       doth in his heart conclude:
     They are corrupt, their works are vile,
       not one of them doth good.
2    The Lord upon the sons of men
       from heav'n did cast his eyes,
     To see if any one there was
       that sought God, and was wise.

3    They altogether filthy are,
       they all are backward gone;
     And there is none that doeth good,
       no, not so much as one.
4    These workers of iniquity,
       do they not know at all,
     That they my people eat as bread,
       and on God do not call?

5    Ev'n there they were afraid, and stood
       with trembling, all dismay'd,
     Whereas there was no cause at all
       why they should be afraid:
     For God his bones that thee besieg'd
       hath scatter'd all abroad;
     Thou hast confounded them, for they
       despised are of God.

6    Let Isr'el's help from Sion come:
       when back the Lord shall bring
     His captives, Jacob shall rejoice,
       and Israel shall sing.

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