Psalm 20

From Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650

Meter: 8,6,8,6

1    Jehovah hear thee in the day
       when trouble he doth send:
     And let the name of Jacob's God
       thee from all ill defend.
2    O let him help send from above,
       out of his sanctuary:
     From Sion, his own holy hill,
       let him give strength to thee.

3    Let him remember all thy gifts,
       accept thy sacrifice:
4    Grant thee thine heart's wish, and fulfil
       thy thoughts and counsel wise.
5    In thy salvation we will joy;
       in our God's name we will
     Display our banners: and the Lord
       thy prayers all fulfil.

6    Now know I God his king doth save:
       he from his holy heav'n
     Will hear him, with the saving strength
       by his own right hand giv'n.
7    In chariots some put confidence,
       some horses trust upon:
     But we remember will the name
       of our Lord God alone.

8    We rise, and upright stand, when they
       are bowed down, and fall.
9    Deliver, Lord; and let the King
       us hear, when we do call.

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