Psalm 113

From Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650

Meter: 8,6,8,6

1    Praise God: ye servants of the Lord,
       O praise, the Lord's name praise.
2    Yea, blessed be the name of God
       from this time forth always.
3    From rising sun to where it sets,
       God's name is to be prais'd.
4    Above all nations God is high,
       'bove heav'ns his glory rais'd.

5    Unto the Lord our God that dwells
       on high, who can compare?
6    Himself that humbleth things to see
       in heav'n and earth that are.
7    He from the dust doth raise the poor,
       that very low doth lie;
     And from the dunghill lifts the man
       oppress'd with poverty;

8    That he may highly him advance,
       and with the princes set;
     With those that of his people are
       the chief, ev'n princes great.
9    The barren woman house to keep
       he maketh, and to be
     Of sons a mother full of joy.
       Praise to the Lord give ye.

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